Win 10 ZT device not pingable in both ZT network and ZT Bridge

Hello Folks,

First off, I’m loving ZT. I have multiple networks and my home network has most of the devices I need access to available both via ZT-IP’s as well as a local passthrough VM (I’ll call it ZT-Bridge - takes care of the ZT to local IP routing). What I’m running into is the Windows 10 host (with ZT installed) sometimes drops the ZT network (not pingable or RDP when this happens) and is not pingable from the ZT-Bridge local ip pinging(192…). If I’m within the network (via WireGuard or physically) I can ping the device, but via ZT or my ZT-Bridge (VM with passthrough), I can’t ping either the ZT-IP (when it drops) or the local of this machine. This has to be a setting… any ideas?

Boop. Any help or links would be great!

Sorry we missed this one. Not sure what that could be. What do you do to get it working again?

No problem at all. Typically when it drops I unclick the network it is a part of, and from there I click back into the network. That helps reset things but sadly does not change the concern of getting to the IP over ZT through a VM I use as a ZT-Bridge into the network. The ZT-Bridge is able to ping every IP but that device. There is nothing fancy going on with the device other than HyperV hosting a few VM’s.

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