Win 11 Dell PC Install - no IPV4 DNS Server

I am a EE but a noob network guy. Want to use ZeroTier to access stuff behind Starlink at my remote cabin.

Have a dedicated Dell Optiples 7050 i5 PC with Omada controller and BlueIris to be deployed.

At my home I have a home brew desktop, Pixel 6a and a refurb Dell 7490 laptop. All ZeroTier installs went well and ping except the the Dell laptop. It says ACCESS-DENIED and is non functional.

The virtual adaptor shows IPV6 DNS but NO IPV4 DNS. Other PCs have IPV4…

Done obvious stuff. Deleted, re-installed, looked at firewall rules, turned firewall off, verified ZeroTier EXE is in Program Data etc. Nothing brings IPV4 DNS alive. Everything I have seen is the same as other machines that work except IPV4…

Thoughts? Security stuff on ex enterprise Dell 7490?

Well, I created a new network and all my devices could join.

This still begs the issue of why this happened and why very similar PCs have different virtual adaptor configurations. One is manual DNS and two are Auto! Both seem to work on a new network…

Self Resolved!

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