Windows 10 firewall confusion

I’m a new user to zerotier and have been experiencing some trouble with my Windows 10 hosts. I have 3 Windows 10 machines and my android phone I’ve been testing with. All 4 are on the latest client versions available.

So far my experience has been very mixed. I’m able to ping my phone perfectly fine from any of the Windows PCs, however none of the PCs can ping each other or get pinged by the phone unless Windows firewall is completely turned off.

I’ve checked the whitelist rules, and it looks like all the necessary ones have been added during the client installation, though even with that, I still can’t seem to ping the PCs correctly with the firewall on. I also tried testing total reinstallations, as well as making the zerotier interface on windows a private or public connection through Powershell to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Windows firewall blocks ping requests by default.

To clarify, my issue doesn’t end at pings unfortunately. I’ve tried RDP and VNC connections with no luck either unless the firewall is off. Are there any additional firewall rules I should be configuring that weren’t automatically added during zerotier’s installation to allow for pings and remote connections?

ZeroTier only adds firewall exceptions that allow communication for itself in the Windows Firewall. It makes no assumptions about what ports or services a user wants open on virtual networks.

Additionally, each adapter has it’s own “Public” or “Private” default profile in Windows Firewall. The default “Public” is quite restrictive on what is allowed to communicate on that adapter/network connection. When you first join a ZeroTier network on a Windows 10 computer, you’ll get this dialog that pops out on the side of your screen:

Clicking “Yes” sets the profile to “Private” that will allow most things to communicate on the zerotier network. Clicking No, or ignoring it sets the firewall mode to the must more restrictive “Public” setting.