Windows 10 network / 2 adapters / which network to seach?

Hey guys,

I am playing around with ZT in a few Win10 PCs, works smoothly so far. One thing that bugs me though is: there is a local network ( with some PCs that are able to see each other only in this network. And there are some ZT clients are able to see each other in the ZT network. Honestly I dont understand this behaviour and I would like to see them ALL on the ZT network.

Dont get me wrong: I can ping/RDP/SMB to all ZT machines, but if I go to search network under the file explorer to search for the PCs, there are basically “two networks”. The local one and the ZT. It seems to be random, but I am not sure on how to change this. Basically I want the ZT virtual adapter networks to be the ones where ALL PCs show up with their names.

Any clue on this?

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