Windows 11 not working

Zeroteir note working on Windows 11. The drive keeps failing to start.

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I am also seeing a problem with Windows 11. Showing access denied but no entry is showing up in the zerotier central.

I’m having issues as well installing the client on Windows 11. Been poking at it for a few hours now to no avail. Hopefully things will be fixed prior to release on the 5th in a few weeks.

Edit: I was able to move a installation of 1.6.6 from one of my other PC’s and manually install the network driver. After that, I manually ran the GUI and connected to my network. Showed up on Central and connected once authorized. This makes me believe the issue is inside the MSI script itself.

Could be the same issue:
Wanted to install on Windows Server 2022 21H2, but latest installer wouldn’t install and configure network adapter, and kept failing. After some time, I simply downloaded the 1.12.10 version, and that works like a charm, had no issues installing, or other.

I’ve had no trouble installing and using 1.6.6 on Windows 11 tonight. I’m testing it as part of our company upgrade plan.

Seems the problem I was having was related to Windows 11 preview build. When you do a upgrade in place, this is when you take a earlier windows and upgrade to a new version. This is similar to the problems people had going from windows 8 to windows 10. This will cause compatibility problems. When you do this, widows takes settings from previous install and sandbox’s them for the new version. This is always fraught with problems. The best thing to do is just backup your files and do a fresh install. This will prevent any compatibility problems.

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