Windows and SSH

Up until v1.6 on Windows Server 2019, everything was good. ZT client ran as service and also allowed SSH access to server running on WSL/Docker.

Since we updated to v1.8.x, first it took us a while to realize that program structure of ZT client on Windows has changed - which means Task Scheduler wouldn’t be able to use older ZT client’s binary path.

Even after spotting and making necessary changes, there’s one long standing issue that couldn’t be figure out: while the windows client in question is reachable via ICMP echo requests, and one can also RDP into remote machine i.e. the Windows Machine running ZT client via other node in same network, for an unusual reason - one cannot SSH into that Windows Machine whatsoever. We checked firewall settings, as well as other NIC related tweaks; something is amiss when it comes to how ZT client interacts with Firewall rules and/or other elements of Networking since v1.8.x

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