Windows ARM64 Setup

Would be good for a windows ARM64 Edition

Agreed, with the new qualcomm 8cx based windows machines on the market, this would be pretty nice. The x86-64 client does install and work, but it runs at about 1/2 speed through windows mediocre emulation

Any news on this topic?

can’t seem to find another solution

It can be anticipated. Zerotier’s Desktop UI project has announced that they have plan to add native support for Windows on Arm. See also at zerotier/DesktopUI in github.

Good News! I’ve successfully port it to Windows on ARM. More information is in the pull request: zerotier/ZeroTierOne/pull/1728 in Github

Amazing! Really looking forward to try it out, when it‘s available!

It has been available! If you want to have a try, please visit g00ith00ub_dot_com/chenxijun/ZeroTierOne/releases (the community see my post as an advertisement, so you should manualy edit the domain)

There are still some known issues, such as the broken gui and test sign driver, which should be solved by the official. Anyway, enjoy it.

That’s what I meant. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have to see how to change secure boot in my Parallels VM settings. I’ll try it when it’s time for a game.

But first Thank you! Good Job!