Windows Bridging

So, i’ve consumed all posts about Windows bridging and I still am at a roadblock. Anyone have any suggestions?
Here’s my setup. I have a Windows 2012 R2 Server. It has two NICs. Main network is and this server is It connects to ZeroTier and is assigned
I have enabled the registry entry for bridging networks. I have allowed bridge in the ZeroTier Device config on the website. Still, clients from 10.147.10.x on ZeroTier cannot access the network (specifically through the interface.
I tried a windows network bridge, but as soon as that’s established, it does not bridge either, and each time the ZeroTier disconnects, that interface is abandoned anyway.
I have a route on the machine ( to
Ive worked at this so long and hard Im sure I’m overlooking something, but ever article i’ve found I’ve tried all those suggestions.
Any pointing in the right direction is most appreciated.

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