Windows Devices ICMP

So I have joined my devices to a ZeroTier Network and have enabled “Allow Ethernet Bridging”. That seems to be working perfectly well as I am able to Ping using The “Managed IP” and my Devices “Local IP”. The issue I am currently facing is that Windows OS to Windows OS devices are not pinging while I can Ping the Same Windows OS device using a different OS such as MacOS and Linux.
Things I have Tried so far;

  1. I have allowed the UDP Port 9993 on the firewall
  2. Disabled Firewall and Antivirus
  3. Installed Windows Features SMB1.0 (Windows 10)
  4. Disabled any security I can think of on Windows OS

So Basically, if my Local IP is I am not able to Ping that address from another Windows OS Device on the same ZeroTier Network. But if I use a different Device (MacOS/Linux) that are on the same network, my Ping works.

Any leads on what could be going on here?