Windows Machine (ZT 1.6.5) Must Reboot In Order to RDP / Ping Other ZT Machines

I’m seeing some potentially similar posts in here already about this sort of issue but figured I’d add mine into the mix as well.

So I would say throughout all of last year I really didn’t run into this problem at all, but in the last few months I’ve ran into it a few times now. I think initially I may already have been on at least version 1.6.1 but may have been on a slightly newer release than that…currently though I am on 1.6.5 and have still been running into the issue (I’m also not sure if this is the same as the “coma” issue that was being fixed for some of the 1.6.x releases).

I’ll typically be able to use my machine for several weeks and leave RDP connected to a remote machine throughout this entire period, but then abruptly the connection will get dropped and at that point I will no longer be able to ping or RDP into the remote machine until I reboot my PC here at home which seems to help reset something that allows the connection to work again.

Right now, I’m holding off on rebooting the machine in case there’s potentially some extra data I can gather that might help with troubleshooting or fixing the problem, but it’s been somewhat of an annoying problem since I don’t typically reboot my machine that often so when this issue crops up it does kind of force me to reboot more often than I would normally. Luckily, I haven’t had this occur on any Windows Server machines where I have ZeroTier installed, so I’m not 100% if they are immune to the issue, or if there is simply something different that occurs on my home PC that they don’t run into and it makes my machine more likely to have the problem.

Any assistance that can be provided (or troubleshooting info I can gather) will be helpful/appreciated.

Thank you!

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