Windows routing not going through zerotier interface

I’m having problems with routing at Windows, it seems it’s not following properly the route table.

I have a ZeroTier interface with managed IP, ONLINE and I try to reach another ZeroTier host in the same network with managed IP, also ONLINE

There’s no ping so I have tried a tracert and I have found that the first hop is to my home router, which of course is wrong because it should be using the ZeroTier interface.

I have inspected the route table and I have:

C:\>route print 10.147*
Destino de red        Máscara de red   Puerta de enlace   Interfaz  Métrica      En vínculo    291      En vínculo    291      En vínculo    291

Therefore the tracert for should be falling to the first entry of this piece of routing table and go trough which is my own ZeroTier interface.

So far so good until I try to trace the route and for some reason the first hop is always my home router, so it’s trying to get to it rough my wifi.
I’ve rebooted in order to get the route table recreated but without success.

Does anybody have a clue on what might be happening?
I’m absolutely puzzled.


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