Windows Server loses all ZT connectivity when assigned to Route


Currently pulling my hair out, any advice on the below is appreciated. I have also submitted a support ticket, but posting here as well to get any advice from the community too.

I have two physical networks, Cloud and Office, which I am attempting to connect via routes. I have followed Windows Ethernet Bridging - #11 by jtm, which has got the Cloud networking routed perfectly. However, when I perform the same steps on the Office network the server I choose to act as the router loses all ZT connectivity.

I have 3 servers in the Office network which I have attempted this on, two Server 2012s and one Server 2019. The Cloud network is all running Server 2022.

When I create the route in ZT Central, once the change propagates down to the server assigned as the router, it loses all ZT connectivity and can no longer ping any system through any of it’s ZT interfaces. The ZT Service also appears to be having trouble as it takes about 5 mins or so to restart.

Here are the troubleshooting steps I have taken so far:
Restarted all servers
Uninstalled the Endpoint Security agents
Uninstalled and re-installed ZT
Wiped all ZT configuration from the servers and re-installed
Tried various different subnet and routing rules
Checked routing tables

Not sure where to go next. So any ideas?

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