Windows ZeroTier One Service is broken

I’ve been using ZT for months and it’s been great. However, recently, it’s become completely non-functional on my Windows machine. It enters this state where the service says it’s running but the ZeroTier app is always ‘Waiting for ZeroTier system service’. When I try to stop, start, or restart the service from within the Services application, it always fails with an error about the service not responding to requests.

Instead, I have to use Stop-Service -Name "ZeroTier One" followed by Start-Service -Name "ZeroTier One" in PowerShell as administrator. This results in a successful connection to ZT.

So, next, I completely uninstalled ZT and restarted. Then, I downloaded a brand new copy of ZT from the website and reinstalled and restarted. The posted screengrab is the default state entered by the software upon installation and restart and it is impossible to connect to this machine remotely without entering the preceding PowerShell commands locally first. Consequently, ZT has become entirely non-functional as I can no longer remotely connect to my Windows machine after a restart without entering local commands first.

This has been going on for a few weeks now and I don’t know what to do.

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