Work with other VPNs on Android

It’s been more and more essential to protect our normal traffic with a VPN (one like ProtonVPN). Meanwhile, self-hosted service is also ubiquitous.
It’s already easy to run Zerotier and a VPN simultaneously. But that’s not the case for phones. On Android I believe it’s possible to do so, although ROOT is required (by iptables, just like what to be done on Linux).

Android only allows one VPN to be run at a time. Same with iOS. It’s out of our hands.

Yes but that’s for non-root. For root devices you can set iptables directly just like what you do rootlessly, but not exclusively.

Maybe it’s kind of out of scope but it’s a relevant problem.

I know it’s impossible for iOS.

We don’t support rooted Android devices. The low demand and difficulty doesn’t justify the engineering effort required.

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