XRDP slow and Freezing

I have been using Zero Tier for well over 6 months. I am running VPS nodes across various cloud service providers and accessing them via the Apache Guacamole RDP client. Windows RDP works flawlessly however, every Linux XRDP session gets stuck no matter which cloud service provider I use. It’s not the problem with XRDP since when I connect to RDP session using public IP (filtered with firewall), it works fine. When I connect with ZeroTier Network IP even a native RDP client from Microsoft freezes at some point.

Has anyone looked into it? I wanted to upgrade but seems like Pilot is failing because of XRDP issues. Note that connections have been tested using direct RDP client and session issues come up with ZeroTier’s Network. Over public network or VPN, they work absolutely fine.

Any help would be great


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