Your own IPv6 addresses and a /80

A basic question here — I’m an older Zerotier professional subscriber. Can I:

  • Assign my own IPv6 address space to my ZeroTier network (say 2002::/16 as an example)
  • Using that prefix, assign each site a /80
  • Just how large can I go? Ignoring price, what if I wanted 10,000 sites? (This would be for K-12 schools as an example)
  • What if I wanted to allocate /48s instead out of the /16? I can’t imagine why schools could need more than a /80 other than SLAAC support, but someone will ask.

Sorry we missed you. I think you can do what you describe. The full tunnel article talks about it. It that case vultr gives you a /64, and you use a /80 of it for your router and ZeroTier network

It also mentions how if you use our RFC4193 addresses, it’s very efficient, compared to emulating ipv4 arp. :slight_smile:

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