Zero tier 1.10.1 machines are getting disconnected from the zerotier

We have multiple machines as part of our zerotier network. At present, we are experiencing one issue where the machines are all up and running, the zerotier was also setup there (the latest version 1.10.1), this machines were shown as part of the network in the zerotier dashboard, however, recently we found that very considerable number of machines have got disconnected from the zerotier. These machines are running.

We don’t know what is causing these machines getting disconnected from the zerotier. We suspected there might be some glitch or issue with 1.10.1 version and downgraded the version for now to 1.8.9 (where we did not experience this kind of issue). We are not sure but this is (the version 1.10.1) what we feel might be causing this.

Please look into the same and let us know the root cause.

Hmmm… I think I need to downgrade my 1.10.x instances that is giving troubles

@hvisage what do you think what might be causing issue in the version 1.10.X. ?

I have absolutely no idea, I just reverted from 1.10.2 on all my nodes to 1.8.9/1.8.10, and things are working now even with the moons

I noticed that Zerotier “support” had been absolutely silent the past month or more as I’ve been looking for debugging options too

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