Zero tier High latency poblem and problem in Minecraft lan game joining

So basically me and my friends are playing minecraft on lan. I have created the network also I am the host of the world everyone joins me with the zero tier managed ip and game port i.e 25565 but I have very high latency and that really lags my game idk why even though its my single player world, i still get lag and my latency was 1200, i did a lots of stuff and changed settings even enabled undp fom router settings and deleted secrect.public and secrect.private files from zero tier directory which changed my adress and manged ip, now my latency was in negative -400 and now idk how, when playing its 500 which is still high so if someone can tell me how to reduce that would be helpful

Also the main problem is since my managed ip has changed, 2 of my friends are not able to join the world beforre they used to get a lan option in multiplayer to join or they can join through adding ip, now they dont get that lan option but when they add ip they can see my worlds name and can see how many ppl are playing but cant join. One gets errror restart yourr client and game while otherr gets “Failed to log in: The authentication servers are currently not reachable. Please try again”
I would really appreciate if someone can help

C:\Windows\system32>zerotier-cli peers
200 peers

272f5eae16 1.14.0 LEAF 531 DIRECT 17396 17396
62f865ae71 - PLANET 142 DIRECT 2258 28870
778cde7190 - PLANET 476 DIRECT 29010 28534
b268322512 1.14.0 LEAF 195 DIRECT 7302 60986
b713c44256 1.14.0 LEAF -954 DIRECT 2260 3214
cafe04eba9 - PLANET 312 DIRECT -1 28702
cafe9efeb9 - PLANET 538 DIRECT 29016 28478

272f5eae16 - is me
i cant identify my friends buut ones adress is 0e56019911 and other is 87ed0ae7a4