Zero Tier not creating network interfaces MAC & WINDOWS

I recently began a new Zero Tier setup (my first serious one) and I’ve run into what I believe is a bit of a beginner snag. For some reason, across several machines, I am not able to get Zero Tier to create new networks in the respective network control panels despite showing that is has connected to the Zero Tier networks.

Anything else I can provide to help you help me?

Please try upgrading to 1.6.1. There were some issues that could affect that in 1.6.0

I just downloaded all these installers so 1.6.1 must have just come out. This seems ot have made things smoother on my Mac however the Windows computers are a bit worse off now. On one of them I had to disconnect from the network and then reconnect, at which point it added another adapter. I was only able to do this after restarting as before it told me that it could not connect to the ZeroTier network. On my other windows computer I have about 15 adapters after connecting and disconnecting from only two networks yet even when I’m connected, I can’t seem to get an IP address. The latter also gives me frequent service unavailable errors when attempting to connect to networks. Any ideas?


I had the same issue (Windows). Loads of disabled and disconnected ZeroTier adapters when I was only joined to one ZT network. I had previously upgraded to 1.6.1 from 1.6.0.

To resolve I did a complete uninstall, reboot, reinstall of 1.6.1 and now I don’t have any extra adapters when I disconnect from and reconnect to ZT networks.

Hope this helps you.

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