Zero tier Socket in Xamarin.forms dose't work and it raises error?

I installed ZeroTier.Sockets (libzt) nuget in my Xamarin.forms Project and tried the example shipped with it , but I have this error when I try to run the project .
" System.DllNotFoundException: libzt assembly: type: member:(null) at (wrapper managed-to-native) ZeroTier.Core.Node.zts_init_from_storage(string)"

any one has tried it before , please any clue
thank u

Windows is unable to locate a dll that your program has a dependency to:

Thank u for reply .
But the “libzt.dll” is there in the proper place , so why the exception being raised !!!

There are several possible causes. My guess it’s a config issue or possibly corrupt lib. Check with the Xamarin forums for more details:

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