Zero Tier virtual adaptor not available. On startup, icon appears then quickly disappears. Network not working

ZT was working fine a week ago. Suddenly it stopped. When I had a virtual adaptor, it said an ethernet cable wasn’t connected. Now mostly there is no adaptor. When opening the program, the ZT icon shows up in the task bar then quickly disappears. I’ve reinstalled several times. No help. Maybe it’s a Windows update.

I an the poster of this issue. I decided to try installing Zerotier under a different user account on my computer. Installation was flawless. Zerotier network was up and running. ZT adaptor was there and ZT icon was alive and well on the task bar. Next I logged out of that user account and back into my regular user account. Now for whatever reason Zerotier is working fine. Virtual adaptor is visible and clickable and the Zerotier network is working again. I’m guessing the install under a different user account avoided whatever conflict existed under my primary user account. Something I installed? Windows update? Don’t know. Installing under a different user account solved my problem.

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