ZeroTier 1.10.3 is now available

This release includes low bandwidth mode, a duplicate path bug fix, and OIDC improvements.

Download: Download – ZeroTier

Release Notes: ZeroTierOne/ at dev · zerotier/ZeroTierOne · GitHub

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It seems the Windows installer is still 1.10.2. Is that intentional?

Everything appears to be in order. I fired up a Windows VM, downloaded & installed and it was 1.10.3 installed.

Bizarre. I uninstalled it, three times, and every time got 1.10.2 reinstalled from a fresh download.

Three more times. Uninstalled. Rebooted. Fresh download. 1.10.2 installed. What is your file size? I have 16,846,336.

What link are you using to download?

I extracted the .msi file:

msiexec /a {misfile} /qb TARGETDIRPATH=

In there, under this path:


I find the following:

-a---- 10/31/2022 2:03 PM 6477792 zerotier-one_x64.exe
-a---- 10/31/2022 12:56 PM 5319136 zerotier-one_x86.exe

Those are from 2022-10-31, that can’t be version 1.10.3 can it?

The tap-windows directory in that folder is dated:

d----- 2/16/2023 10:23 PM tap-windows

But I would think that is just the tap driver.

Intersting, in the root of the directory I extracted the MSI into I found this:

-a---- 2/16/2023 10:23 PM 9678848 ZeroTier One.msi
-a---- 10/31/2022 2:19 PM 2386400 zerotier_desktop_ui.exe

Why another .msi file inside the first msi file? But I don’t understand the Windows MSI structure.

I tried both clicking on the Windows icon on the downloads page as well as the text link.


Looks like hte same link.

That’s the correct link. Only thing I can think of is that you have some sort of caching proxy between you & the ZeroTier site that already has an old version it keeps serving you.

You can navigate into the individual releases on the download site as well: Index of /RELEASES/1.10.3/dist/

Is there a difference between the “ZeroTier One.msi” and the ZeroTierOne.msi files?

Nope. Just renamed without spaces.

That file download is 17,144,832 so it is a different size.

Very strange. This is on a Windows Server 2016 install hosted on Azure, I have no idea what exists between it and the rest of the internet in terms of caching/proxy.

Thanks for the link, it helped!!

“Add low-bandwidth mode.”

Is there any documentation for this? What does it do? I don’t see anything in the settings…

@occamsrazor just the notes in the initial PR from @zt-joseph for now. More will be coming.

Thanks for that info, that looks interesting. I wish it was exposed through Mac GUI. The GUI could really do with enhanced functionality, or have a box in the GUI where you can just enter commands that get saved to the local.conf


Are there plans to push a 1.10.3 update to the zerotier/zerotier-synology repo?



How long will it take for version 1.10.3 to be available on teltonika devices?

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You’ll have to ask Teltonika. We can’t say from here when they’ll ship updates on their devices.

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Thank you! I am using you for years and idle noise was really hurting my mobile internet bandwidth. I wonder how much traffic ZeroTier now eats ‘when idle’.

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Question: does this mean that ZT Inc will start porting ztlib to embedded IOT devices such as eg ESP32 (or similar low end SoCs) or is it just to make it easier for others?

If the latter, it would be great if there was a porting guide for ztlib targeting embedded devices (or similar low end SoCs) using different architectures like PPC, MIPS and ARM. If possible it should also include best practice how to manage limitations of system resources like ram, bandwith and encryption etc.