Zerotier 1.10.4 & 1.10.5 are not getting installed on windows 8.1x64

Hello Everyone,

Today morning, I tried to update Zerotier client on my Laptop having OS Windows 8.1x64 from 1.10.2 to 1.10.5.
While upgrading directly to 1.10.5 didn’t worked in first time, (installer closed automatically and program wasn’t updated) so tried twice but no luck.
after that I chose step by step upgradation in which 1.10.2 >> 1.10.3 was successful but after that 1.10.4 installer was again not working. Means installation of software starts but suddenly installer closes without any error. Anyone having same issues with ZT client?
i have checked changelogs regarding support closure for windows 8.1 but couldn’t find anything regarding.
Pls help.

Thanks in advance.

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