ZeroTier 1.6.1 Released

1.6.1 has now been released

  • Fixed a bug that caused IP addresses in the block to be miscategorized as not being in global scope.
  • Changed Linux builds to fix segfaults, LXC and SELinux issues.
  • Fixed unaligned memory access that caused crash on FreeBSD systems on the ARM architecture.
  • Merged CLI options for controlling bonded devices into the beta multipath code.
  • Fixed issue that could cause a network feedback loop on Windows and possibly FreeBSD.
  • Updated Windows driver with Microsoft cross-signing to fix issues on some Windows systems.

win 10 20h2 memory hog consumes all harddisk and ram and reproduced in 2 surface 7 pr0 16gb ram 17 10thgen

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Segfaults on Raspberry Pi Zero, see Zerotier-cli shows 'Segmentation fault' on version 1.6.0 for more discussion.

1.6.2 was since released, and then we revised Debian packages to 1.6.2-2 to fix Raspberry Pi 0 and v1.0 Pi (armv6) compatibility.

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