ZeroTier 1.6.6 on Qnap , ! There is no digital signature

ZeroTier Central indicate my Qnap TS-453 Pro is online but I am not able to connect to it through QManager on my mobile phone (also indicated online on ZeroTier Central).

When I check the ZeroTier app on my Qnap, there is an exclamation mark saying There is no digital signature.

Can this be the reason why I cannot access my Qnap remotely over ZeroTier?
Any other ideas on how to troubleshoot?

reference: QTS v (2021/10/20)

We don’t currently sign the packages. We only offer the MD5 sums alongside, we will eventually go through QNAP’s official signing procedure but not yet. Regardless, this wouldn’t prevent ZT from working. There must be something else. Did you install QVPN?

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(title question clarified, thank you)

Yes, I have installed QVPN. QVPN has not identified ZT as a server or outgoing interface though. I have not found any configuration or reporting items in QVPN that relate to ZT; apologies if this newbie have made a basic error…

No problem. There is nothing in QVPN that needs to be configured, all you have to do is install it.

When you SSH into your nas and run zerotier-cli status what do you see?

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ssh into my Qnap

[~] # zerotier-cli status
200 info a5bXXa57c1 1.6.6 ONLINE
[~] #

Excellent, so that means it’s running. Have you successfully joined any networks? You can check that with zerotier-cli listnetworks. If you see anything about a port error you should verify that /dev/net/tun exists.

If you have joined a network you can check your connections with other known zerotier nodes on your network by trying to ping them and then checking zerotier-cli peers. You should see a listing for the node you pinged and an IP address/port.


Ahah! Ping is working. My Qnap respond to port 9993 but I am not able to connect to it through QManager on my mobile phone using port 9993.

I have previously configured my Qnap to open port 8082.

Do I reconfigure Qnap or ZT?

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