ZeroTier 1.8.4 is now available

Download Now: Download – ZeroTier

All Packages: Index of /RELEASES/1.8.4/dist/

Release Notes:

Confirming that 1.8.4 is now working again on Mac High Sierra 10.13.6 whereas 1.8.3 didn’t. Thank you for the fix…

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How do we update on linux? I run the download installer
curl -s | sudo bash
and it just says that ZeroTier is already installed so it doesn’t update…

Edit Answered my own question, it seems it puts itself in the apt package manager so a simple sudo apt update + upgrade does the job.

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Fun installer script related fact: it runs on Ubuntu Touch. I just installed ZeroTier 1.8.4 on my mido running Ubuntu Touch (based on 16.04 xenial Ubuntu) and it works fine if I start it, but seems to think its in Docker when installing. Does not appear to break anything vital tho.

But the the client version on Android is still 1.8.1-1, when latest version is available?

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