ZeroTier 1.8.6 - missing options in GUI

The Control Panel that was present in previous versions seems to be missing from 1.8.6 on Windows. Previous versions showed a screen like this:

How do I show status information, or more importantly set options like “Allow DNS Configuration” without using the command line?

This wouldn’t be such a problem if ZT retained my settings if I disconnect/reconnect. But as it stands, any time I disconnect/reconnect the ZT network I have to set “Allow DNS” again.

1.8.6 still has these options. Installed yesterday on a W10 VM that has never had ZT installed before then:

Thanks! I’m not sure how it happened but I ended up with 1.6.6 installed on this particular machine, not 1.8.6

With 1.8.6 I see the option for Control Panel - but when I click it I get a blank window

I think this has something to do with an MS Edge issue on this laptop. Others using 1.8.6 are good.


Fixed the problem with Edge (AV related), now the ZeroTier Control Panel shows up correctly. Thanks for your help.

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