ZeroTier 2.0 release date


Is there an estimation on when ZeroTier 2.0 will be released or is the release still to far into the future for this estimation to be made?

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This is the latest:

I have read it already, but I didn’t find an estimation in there, and that was written over a year ago, so I thought that someone might have found an estimation elsewhere, or that anyone from the ZeroTier team had an estimation.

@zt-grant, @zt-travis: Do you have an estimation as to when ZeroTier 2.0 will be released?

If there were anything to announce, it would be announced.


Hi Gara, thanks for the question. Is there a specific feature you’re hoping for in 2.0?

Just some background about our recent release philosophy. A big reason why we released 1.6 is because our amazing team had some shippable features ready to go and we didn’t want to wait for 2.0. Also, we do continually ship ZeroTier Central updates and update other packages (i.e. like our NAS packages, for example) as needed.


Yes, the feature that I am in waiting for right now is the ability to host my own root servers, and not have to rely on the ZeroTier root servers. I have tested doing it with the current method (using the mkworld.cpp file in /attic/world) and I have reached the point where I am mostly done testing and am ready to actually deploy ZeroTier, but if 2.0 will be released within two or three months, then it would feel like a waste of time creating and using my own fork of ZeroTier to get privately hosted root servers. If it will be longer than three months or so, then I can start implementing what I currently have and then look into updating everything to 2.0 when it is released.