ZeroTier Adapter - 1Gbps?

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I didn’t see it mentioned here so I’m putting it out there.

I’m maxing out the 100Mbps connection speed on my ZeroTier adapters.

Anyway to configure/force them to 1Gbps?

That depends on the max speed of your physical adapter and connection, you can’t force more data through ZeroTier than you can through your regular physical connection. If you can achieve 1 Gbps without ZeroTier, then you should in theory also be able to achieve that through ZeroTier.

There’s no limit on the speed of a ZeroTier adapter other than how fast you can encrypt & send out packets. The ZeroTier adapter is a virtual adapter in software, but since the OS wants something there in that info field about the adapter, something was put there. There’s nothing in the OSes or ZeroTier to limit the adapter to any speed.

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I understand what you are saying.

However, in practice I am unable to go beyond 11MB/s when I clearly have more than enough bandwidth to do so. This is one device to another device over a 500Mb fiber connection. edit: fiber connection is symmetrical.

In addition, monitoring system performance shows neither endpoint zt process or overall CPU maxing out.

There are many variables, I have a connection of 1000 in download and 300 in upload and I do not exceed 5 remotely.

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