Zerotier and Android Auto


I am using Zerotier on my Android phone to connect to my home network and use e.g. pihole, samba, calender…
My ZT Android app is configured to use the (pihole) dns on my network and to not route all traffic through zerotier.
Everything is fine so far but as long as I am connected to my ZT network, I cannot connect to Android Auto (wireless) in my car. It tells me to first disconnect from VPN.

  1. Is there any configuration I can set in ZT to make Android Auto work while connected to my network?

  2. If 1 is not possible, is there any way to automatically disconnect ZT when e.g. the car Bluetooth is available and reconnecr if not (i.e. can I automate ZT with Tasker, Android Automate, … )?

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