Zerotier and configuring other VPNs to work concurrently

This is a business situation where we want to use zerotier to get onto our network. However, we also have a need for users to sometimes access other businesses resources where they require a VPN for access. With our current more traditional VPN, it’s “sort of” simple in that the user knows they connected to our VPN, so they disconnect, connect to the other VPN for resource access, and then when done reverse the process.

With Zerotier, we’re trying to make it simpler, and they’re not really aware the computer is on ZeroTier or not. Worse, at least some of the other VPNs will claim to connect, but just not actually work and then disconnect quickly. I tried making my own route for the other VPN server so it wasn’t necessarily trying to transit ZeroTier and then over to the other VPN server, but that didn’t help either.

It seems to me that Windows should handle being multihomed better, but it might also be something inherent? Or something I could configure better? Is anyone else using multiple VPNs for different purposes and not having to have zerotier disconnect from all networks to get the other VPNs to work? This is seen with OpenVPN and I believe Cisco Anyconnect.

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