Zerotier and Hetzner

So, it seems that Hetzner, like GoDaddy (and Server4you and other providers on the same network), is now blocking or at least configuring routers in a way that makes ZeroTier unusable. Initially, ZeroTier connects and might work for a short period, but then it stops. When I try to disconnect and reconnect, it gets stuck on “Requesting Configuration” indefinitely. If anyone is successfully using Hetzner and Proxmox without these issues, please let me know, thanks.


Hey thanks for bringing this to our attention. I brought up a Debian VM in us-west and I can connect over ZeroTier to a personal machine at home just fine. I use Hetzner regularly and haven’t seen this issue at all.

Some questions:

  • How long after starting before you typically start seeing the issue?
  • Are you doing big transfers? (they could be blocking based on volume of traffic)
  • Maybe it’s an issue specific to Proxmox? Or the region?
  • What version of ZT are you running?