Zerotier and Orange Pi 5

Hello, I’m new to all this and I’m a little lost…, I have a NAS with an orange pi 5 and Openmediavault 6 and to access it from outside my network I had thought about zerotier but I don’t know how to install it, I know what to do from the console but I don’t know the precise commands for it, my English is bad and maybe I don’t know how to move because of the explanations they have, could you tell me specifically how to install it? I have an orange pi 5 with Openmediavault 6 running on armbiam Bullseye.
Thank you

Hello, it’s pretty simple. Register account and create a network. Once you do that it will have a network ID, pick subnet you want to use (doesnt really matter too much) and then do this on OPI5

Install ZeroTier, from root cmd/shell run command thats below

curl -s | sudo bash

Join network - xxxxxxxxxxxxx’s is your network id from portal
zerotier-cli join xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Go to potal and click the checkbox next to the computer that showed up. Thats it.

installs correctly but does not start the service, run zerotier-cli xxxxxxxxc

Sorry, I didn’t realize that I entered the command wrong, I was missing “join”, now everything is correct, thanks for everything

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