ZeroTier and QVPN Clarification Needed

This Knowledge base Article appears lacking.

It has a paragraph that says you don’t need to configure QVPN at all. But what am i supposed to do? Connect with QVPN Does ZeroTier also have to be installed on the nas? How do I specify the network id?


Install QVPN (recommended)#

From the knowledgebase:

QVPN provides your NAS with a permanent /dev/net/tun device used by ZeroTier. Once you install QVPN you do not need to open it or configure it: App Center -> Search "QVPN" -> Install. If you opt not to install QVPN you will need to find a way to re-create the /dev/net/tun on each reboot. Good luck.

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