Zerotier ARP entry is messsing up 1 IP-address

My network encounters an issue with 1 IP address ( This is normally the address for my laserprinter and worked for years. Suddenly I had issues on this IP. Moved the printer to a new IP and problem does not occur anymore.

Currently is not used. Checking the ARP cache on all machine, I found this


Address HWtype HWaddress Flags Mask Iface ether 00:01:db:xyz C enp1s0f0 ether 20:17:42:xyz C enp1s0f0 (incomplete) br-9a8d049f9fbb ether b6:75:e5:xyz C ztyouu2ouh (incomplete) br-9a8d049f9fbb

Iface “br-9a8d049f9fbb” is a zerotier network interface containing entry How can I resolve this issue because there is no virtual adapter on

Thanks for you feedback

Looked in it and was able to remove the entry:

arp -i br-9a8d049f9fbb is there

arp -i br-9a8d049f9fbb -d

arp -i br-9a8d049f9fbb is gone.

Lets test IP address again. Will provide feedback after testing

Can you say a little more about your setup? Are you bridging zerotier and physical lan?

I think so. I have a physical LAN via 192.168.1.x and a virtual lan via Zerotier on 192.168.192.x.
Does that answer your question ?

It does… thanks.
Any wild guesses at what could have triggered it?
The arp output is from a linux? I’m not familiar with why a zerotier interface would start with “br”

I’m not sure but I de-installed docker on this linux platform and all br- are gone. It was my assumption that these were zerotier’s, but apparently these are not.


( at <Mac address 1> [ether] on ztyouu2ouh (instance 1)
( at <Mac address 2 > [ether] on ztyouu2ouh (instance 2)

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