Zerotier, BDPF and Spanning Tree


We have been running ZT succesfully for quite some time now (> 1 year) and very satisfied with the functionality. However, recently I added a Linux box into a network where STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) was enabled on their switch and now the ZT connection is dropped at least daily, sometimes twice a day. I can still log onto the box from an SSH session within that same network using the local non-ZT IP-address, so I conclude the machine itself is running just fine. Restarting the ZT daemon does not resolve the issue, only a reboot is enough to bring it back online in ZT until this appears again.

At the same time, one of my colleagues mentioned that if he plugs his laptop into a (different) network where STP is also configured, he isn’t able to connect to that network. The common denominator here is that both this Linux box I mentioned and his laptop are running ZeroTier. The two networks are both physically different, it’s 2 different locations altogether, but in both cases it’s a combination of ZeroTier and STP.

Now my colleague was wondering if ZT might be sending out BDPF-packets. I haven’t been able to confirm nor deny this as I don’t have a clue what BDPF is or why ZT would do that, but I assume that if the STP-enabled switch closes the connection because it believes there is a loop, I won’t be able to access the Linux box from SSH on it’s ‘normal’ non-ZT IP-address.

Does someone know more on this issue?

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