Zerotier blocking connectivity to VM private IP address

I have rancher running on an Ubuntu VM and I can get to the UI fine using the zerotier IP address of the VM, however to connect aks clusters to this rancher they have to be able to reach the private IP address of the VM that the rancher is hosted on. I have the network peering configured correctly confirmed by Azure and we have run connectivity test to show that once Zerotier is installed on the VM we can no longer reach the private IP address. Has anyone run into this issue or know of a workaround?

Probably not.

First, you need to explain how you are using “private IP” here and fully describe the network configuration. Each of ZeroTier, the VM backend, and the Kubernetes containers will be using RFC 1918 addresses in various mutually-incompatible ways.

Second, Azure will squelch nodes that emit unexpected traffic and might do unwholesome things inside your virtual machines to automatically ‘fix’ your network configuration unless you configure appropriate Azure Interfaces and Azure Routes.

This is a Route Tables page in the Azure Portal for a simple ZeroTier instance. Odds are you need to change things here for any non-trivial or non-default deployment.