ZeroTier Bridge with multicast support

Hi, I’m trying to follow this

to setup a bridge so I can vpn from the road and connect to my home LAN.

I was able to get ZeroTier 1.8.9 installed and the machine is seen in ZeroTier Central.

However, after I etc /etc/network/interfaces` per the instructions (this file was previously blank), and reboot my machine, I am no longer able to connect to the internet. Eg. eth0 is down.

The only way I can restore internet connection is by deleting /etc/network/interfaces

I am running Ubuntu 20.04

Any idea what I am doing wrong? As you can probably tell, I am a complete Linux noob, but want to install this so I can get Roon to work when I am on the road. Roon is a music app and need multicast to work and from my research, ZeroTier supports multicast.

Thank you!

Hi, as an update, I find that the instructions in the link above work better on a dietpi hyper-v vm since it appears with Ubuntu with GUI installed, networking is controlled by a different method. Dietpi is Debian based.

And so on the dietpi vm with two NIC’s installed, I’m able to complete the instructions. However, I am still unable to to connect to my home LAN.

When I do an #ip a, I see that eth0 has an ip as expected and zt0 (mine is called something different) also has an ip. I can also see the dietpi vm in ZeroTier Central.

My LAN DHCP server is setup to give out addresses from to Therefore, I set the IPv4 Auto-assign pool from to

Is there anything else I need to do to connect to my home LAN?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Also tried this

But after following the steps, I lost connection to the Pi and can’t get it back. The Pi cannot connect to ZeroTier because it no longer has internet access.

Has anyone been able to get this to work?


Hi, still trying to get things to work following

After some googling, I was able to get connection back to the pi and it appears my NIC and the ZeroTier adapter both are working. From the Pi, I’m able to ping my local network and I’m able to ping externally such as Also, from ZT Central, I’m able to see the Pi is connected to the ZT Network.

My home network that I am trying to connect to is

The Pi has address on this network.

I am able to ssh into the Pi remotely (eg., via iPad with cellular), but I am unable to connect to other devices on the network. So progress and it feels like I’m really close!! :slight_smile: I can ping the Pi remotely, but cannot ping other devices on my LAN. Eg., I can ping (the Pi), but not say

On ZT Central, I have checked Allow Bridging and Do Not Assign IP for the Pi. And it looks like the Pi on ZT Central has two IP’s: and

The auto assign range is to and I have made sure this does not conflict with the DHCP range on my Lan.

Lastly, the route on ZT Central is via and via

Any thoughts on how I can get this to work?

Thank you!

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