ZeroTier Business SSO is here! And so is our new pricing

See the blog post here:


Can we change from the existing pricing plan to the new one? If so, how?

Yes indeed you can! Go to the ‘Account’ page, and there should be a button that says “Modify Plan” right under where it shows your current limits. If you don’t see it, log out and then log back in and that should fix it for you

Maybe I missed that in the blog post, but what will happen with the existing subscriptions, i.e professional? They will stay unchanged unless I want to modify them?

I want to note, that I find your communication strategy is very lacking.

As a user with more than 25 nodes but less than 50, it would have been nice to be informed about such a relevant change beforehand (even without being subscribed to the newsletter). I’m now unable to add nodes / modify my network until the new payment terms are communicated and approved.

I also want to clarify, that I welcome this change, as it is (at least for our use case), better than the old pricing model. Just the way the advance notification (not existing) happened, was not good.


Correct. Your existing subscription will not change on its own. Only if you choose to modify it.

The change from one moment to another seems abrupt to me, it is somewhat arbitrary and without any transition, and I still do not understand how it will affect my professional subscription, I was paying $449.00/year with 500 nodes, now how much should I pay for the same subscription next year?

Current Plan: Professional - Yearly$449.00/year (500 nodes), the following year how much should I pay a year for the same plan???

Even for a couple of years waiting for the so announced version 2.0 of Zerotiery when we go in version 1.8 now it changes to 1.10, I don’t understand where we are going…

@ingpedrorocha As I stated in a previous reply in this topic, you don’t have to change anything if you don’t want to. If you’re happy with your current subscription level, it’ll stay the same. New customers can’t get the old subscription plan, but existing customers can stay on the old plan if they chose to do so

Thanks for the answer, I’m sorry for the drastic changes that have just been made for new users, I still don’t understand Zerotier’s line of development, also the benefit or changes of the new version 1.10 do not appear in the change list

@ingpedrorocha if you look in the blog post linked above, it details that adding OIDC/SSO support to ZeroTier networks on is the major change in this release.

Thank you very much for the clarifications, you are very kind, I hope that in the future it will be the best for the community and it will definitely benefit many users and that is the important thing. Thank you for your support

2 things. I wish you’d communicated this better. This kinda came out of nowhere from my perspective and I can see that being troublesome for administrators.


I really appreciate the new model. The ‘shared’ device IDs is huge for me, I’ve requested this in the past so cures a lot of my struggles. I also like the smaller ‘packs’ for licenses, makes it easier to scale up nicely.


We hear you on this one. Hindsight being 20/20, we should have given a heads up beforehand that this was changing for those in the 25-50 node range. Sorry! We’ll try to do better on that next time!


Hi. I’ve been considering recommending ZT across our IT teams for about 1 year. During that time I’ve had 3 different pricing models. I finally have approval for “Professional” pricing…only to see ZT remove that price plan on a whim without any notice period! It’s frustratingly unprofessional, and impossible to commit to for organizations who need to get approval on pricing. It could (and has) literally change pricing tomorrow. This poor communication (no notice period of change) on the part of ZT breeds distrust and doesn’t help win over sceptics who warned “I told you so”.
Consider this real-life scene: “Hey boss, did you make a decision to approve ZT for our NetOps teams?”, “Er, if you mean did I agree to lock into a proprietary VPN/remote-access subscription that cna DOUBLE in price within 24 hours, then No I did not.” “Hmm…well thanks for considering it boss - I spent 3 months testing and proving concept, and the solution itself is exactly what we were looking for. Can we turn this around? What do we need from ZT boss?” “Predictable and contracted pricing; the OpenVPN solution you use already has that - just stick with that. End of discussion.”


The price would have doubled if you had a full 500 nodes under the pro plan, have you reached out to them on the enterprise plan? They also have MSP plans available.

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Could I ask for a quick update on what the new pricing will cost my organisation?

My current usage reads as…
3 admins
143 nodes
0 SSO seats.

Is this the correct config to use on this? If so, it looks like I’ll be WAY better off staying on my current plan unless I need SSO?

And if I did need SSO, I’d be paying over $700/month for ZT, which seems outrageously expensive…

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