ZeroTier can't acquire IPV4 physical address of device

Hello everyone, new member of the community, if this is a dup topic then I’m sorry beforehand, quite new to networking and all, any link to older topic would be appreciated!
My network currently only have 3 devices (2 windows, 1 mac) one of which is my work computer - show normal ipv4 physical IP, but not for the 2 remain ones which is at my house (only show ipv6 I believe).
This setup has worked before but it suddenly stop working around 2-3 weeks ago, and I can’t get it to work again. Connection between 2 of my main PC is DIRECT when I check using the zerotier-cli on Windows.
Firewall is disable on both computers (it worked before when my work PC has the firewall turned on)
This happen after I delete one of my network without disconnect from it IIRC, or it could be something that relates to my ISP/ internet settings (which is unlikely because I haven’t change anything)
Getting quite frustrated so any help is appreciated!

Edit: clients can’t ping each others whatsoever (tested with all of my devices)

Additional information: when I turned on another VPN app, zerotier successfully retrieve a physical address which I think is the address of the VPN server I’m connecting to through the other app?

Is there any explanation for this? Still can’t ping other client.

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