ZeroTier Capacity Limit


I have started using the Basic ZeroTier service. I have a server and clients that are on a zeroTier network. I have TLS connections between server and clients. The clients push heartbeat messages a few times every minute. I have no issues If I connect 3 client devices and a server. But If I add more clients, it simply cannot keep the connection. The 4th connection basically switches back and forth with the 3rd client.

My question is, is there a limit on how many clients can be active in each network? Is there a bandwidth limit on Basic service? If I upgrade to Professional, would it help increase available bandwidth?

Batuhan M.

No. ZeroTier operates Peer to Peer and we place no limits on bandwidth, as when peers are properly configured, no traffic is even going through our servers.

See here and here for FAQs and troubleshooting tips.

Thanks for the swift response. I think when I debug, I’ve seen something that I did not before. For some reason on the android app, different devices use the same IP address. They basically stealing each other’s IP. That’s why they are switching the connection back and forth. Any idea why this might happen?

Ermm… Where are you seeing that they’re “Using the same address?”

Do you somehow have multiple Android devices with the same Identity? The 10 digit identity should be in the bottom bar of the app’s GUI on Android

Yes, Just checked that. For some reason they share the same node ID. I don’t know how…

Were the devices restored from a backup? If so, that’s probably how. You’ll have to clear the app data for ZeroTier on each device and it should generate a new unique identity for each.

So, apparently, we have cloned devices, I wasn’t aware. That’s probably why. I’ll give it a try and let you know.

So, clearing the cache-uninstalling at first try did not work. However second try worked alright. Thanks for the support!

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