Zerotier-cli bond on OpenWRT with ZeroTier 1.8.4

I am running a VPS with Rocky Linux and ZeroTier 1.8.7.

In the other end I am running a x86 HW with OpenWRT and three WAN-interfaces (3 x LTE/wwan0,1,3). It has ZeroTier 1.8.4

I have tried to understand the bond command under “available commands” on this page:

I have tried with starting with both these commands:

zerotier-cli bond <my_peerid> enable

(bond) command is missing required arguments

zerotier-cli bond <my_peerid> link add wwan0

(bond) command is missing required arguments

Anyone who has any idea how to enable the multipath configuration or where I can find more documentation about the “zerotier-cli bond” command ?

/ A Noll Tre

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