ZeroTier-CLI can’t connect to service on OPNsense

Good day everyone,
I’m having difficulty running ZeroTier on my OPNsense firewall where it can’t connect to the service after installing and setting up the plugin on the firewall’s web panel.

The error I’m getting when issuing zerotier-cli info is the following :
Error connecting to the ZeroTier service: Please check that the service is running and that TCP port 9993 can be contacted via

Although, the service/daemon is already running and enabled according to OPNsense.
On the firewall side, there’s only a Allow Any/Any rule on the Loopback interface.
No other service or port forwarding are using the port at the moment.
I also went ahead and created a floating rule that allows TCP port 9993 just in case but it didn’t solve my issue.

So, I’m a bit puzzled by this to be honest.
What else should I be looking into for making it work?

Anyway, thank you for helping me!

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