Zerotier connected, but does not pass traffic


Zerotier client 1.10.6
MacOS 13.4, M1 Air

This took me a while to track down. Zerotier stops passing traffic as it seems after the laptop goes to sleep or changes uplink networks, I am not sure on that one.

In any case after a reboot the network works, and is passing traffic, both of the zero tier networks my laptop is part of. It does not matter if I use only one, or both, at some time traffic just stops. When that happens I have not found anything to help other than a reboot of the laptop.

Since this is not Windows rebooting should not be required when coming back from sleep. Everything else that I can see is working, just ZT is not.

This happened with one of the last two updates, prior to that ZT was working beautifully before and after sleep, change of backhaul, you name it.

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