ZeroTier Controller Issue

During recent maintenance of ZeroTier’s service infrastructure, we discovered a misconfiguration of one new network controller that, along with a previously unencountered software bug, resulted in a small number of networks being created using private keys that were lost after the controller was restarted.

We’ve addressed the underlying bug and the affected controller, but are unable to restore the original keys used to create those networks. The affected networks have IDs beginning with ea3e27ea7c14c. If you have active networks impacted by this issue, the underlying networks will not be functional, but it will appear you can add and remove nodes.

Unfortunately, due to the security and privacy controls we have in place for all ZeroTier users, networks created on the affected controller before it was restored will have to be deleted and recreated; we cannot move affected networks to a different controller.

To find out which networks you administered that may have been impacted, you can view your network list on Again, only networks that have IDs beginning with ea3e27ea7c14c are affected. We are in the process of notifying impacted users.

We apologize for the inconvenience and have taken a number of steps to ensure that similar issues are easier to detect (and harder to encounter in the first place).

Thank you again for being part of our user community.

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