Zerotier create a new Address when Truenas scale start up each time or app stop/run

Hi, there,
I am new to Truenas scale and install zerotier app on it. After configuration, I can get response when ping to IP via zerotier. The problem here is that when the Truenas scale restart or zerotier app stop & run again, a new address(such as 0a1bc1e44b) shows in my zerotier list which need to be authorized. Besides, I give a fixed IP to the new device, and then no response via ping.




It sounds like the identity file isn’t getting saved. So when you restart, you get a new one.
We don’t know much about truenas, but we here’s an article which talks about the same issue

Thank you for your quick response.
I tried those commands. After pasting and ‘:wq’, it shows “can’t open file for writing”. Is there anything I did wrong? How to solve this problem?



You will need to adapt this method for Scale, as it is for Core, but the main ideas stay the same:

Essentially, you need to make a location where the configuration files will persist, and then have a script which ensures Zerotier will find its configuration files in the new location.

Thank you. But new to linux, and hard for me to follow those steps. Turn to Tailscale for a while.