Zerotier_desktop_ui.exe not working in Windows 11

Solution for problems with ZeroTier One on Windows.
The latest versions of ZeroTier One 1.12.x no longer work properly with Windows 11 (verified with version 22H2). When you launch zerotier_desktop_ui.exe, the icon disappears after a few seconds and in fact the program closes. I think it is a bug or a conflict with the latest versions i Windows 11

To solve it I used the command line (solution searched on
You need to know the ID of the private network to access, I will call it network_id
so if you don’t have it create an “Access Token” API in

Then type the following commands from the command line (or write them in a batch file) substituting your values for network_id and auth_token

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\ZeroTier\One"
REM Join to private network
zerotier-cli join network_id
zerotier-cli set network_id authorized=1
zerotier-cli set network_id controller=zerotier
zerotier-cli set network_id authtoken=auth_token
REM Testing join
zerotier-cli status
zerotier-cli listnetworks

if the response zerotier-cli status contains 200 and ONLINE we are connected to the network
while if the zerotier-cli listnetworks response contains 200 and OK PRIVATE, the PC has been correctly assigned an IP on its private network.
On the other hand, if we get ACCESS_DENIED PRIVATE it means that the PC should be enabled on the private network from

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CLI has been the best way to deal with ZT on Windows ever since they decided to make the GUI rely on whatever framework Microsoft Edge uses (so it doesn’t work if Edge isn’t installed). It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the issue here, some Edge update breaking the ZT UI.

I really wish they’d change it to something more universal, or even just a straight WebUI.

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