ZeroTier DNS Setup for Local Hostname Resolution

How do I have local DNS names on the ZeroTier network?

I have a server with a hostname “bob”
I have Linux running on my home PC.

I would like to write bob.iscool to my browser and get the server’s web page
I have configured mDNS and I can access http://bob.local from browser
I installed zeronsd, unfortunately it could not immediately resolve bob.iscool by hostname (like mDNS did).
I manually edited /etc/hosts, now with this command I get the IP address of bob

dig +short @<zeronsd-ip> bob.iscool

But for example ping bob.iscool doesn’t work.
And http://bob.iscool in Firefox doesn’t work either.

Can you tell me how to implement it?

Some links:

The problem was with my Linux client.
Everything works on Windows and Android…

Even after installing systemd-networkd and zerotier-systemd-manager everything is the same.

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