ZeroTier Docker running on RouterOS CHR

I am using ZeroTier on all my MikroTik devices. I also want to bing it to CHR version. However, using docker on RouterOS is the only way.

RouterOS’ Docker is a little different. For example, on the official zerotier docker instruction, ```
–cap-add NET_ADMIN --device /dev/net/tun

I followed the MikroTik's container instruction, and used official zerotier docker in a slightly different way.

1. Create veth for docker.
2. Add veth to docker bridge.
3. Add {NETWORK-ID} in Cmd:

After the container is running, the []( successfully recognized it.

I could ping it from a different zerotier network node. But nothing beyond that.

My CHR is in a LAN network

I created the docker bridge with network

My zerotier docker has IP

zerotier network is

My zerotier docker has IP

My laptop has IP

My expectation is ping start from Laptop -> docker on zerotier network IP) -> docker on docker bridge IP) -> router on docker bridge IP) -> router on LAN IP) -> on LAN)

The reality is -> docker on zerotier network IP) -> docker on docker bridge IP) works. But anything after this is failed. 

I could successfully replicate my expectation using another Docker image utilize snell protocol. Which means my RouterOS config probably is fine. But the difference is snell docker will masq all traffic. I don't know how the official zerotier docker image will handle it.

My guess is
1. Maybe I should have more modify on zerotier image before I could use it in this way.
2. Maybe I should do something on RouterOS if I want to run a zerotier docker in this way.

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