ZeroTier doesn't override default route in Windows 11?

I want to make my personal VPN network on ZeroTier base and route all traffic from all devices into one server.

I configured the ZeroTier network to have all traffic go through one of the nodes (the Server, Linux Mint machine).

Managed Routes 2/128: via via (LAN)

I set up the Server. If I connect to the network through the Android client with the “Route all traffic through ZeroTier” setting enabled, then all traffic goes through my Server, as it should. If the server is turned off, then there is no Internet on the phone.

But when I tried to do the same on a Windows 11 PC, I failed. Regardless of the application settings on the PC, all traffic bypasses ZeroTier. As I understand from the article “ZeroTier Knowledge Base → Networking → Overriding Default Route / Full Tunnel Mode”, in order to let all traffic through ZeroTier, it is enough to enable the “Allow Default Router Override” option in the windows app. However, regardless of whether this option is enabled or not (like any other options), internet traffic bypasses ZeroTier. Whether my Server is enabled or not.

Does anyone have any idea what I did wrong?

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